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Saida, Lebanon
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Samir Studios

We offer you the perfect fashionable sense, latest style and treads, creative ideas, all to make your wedding an unforgettable moments...

What we do:

SamirStudios provides professional photography for your wedding needs. Equipped with the best devices and technologically advanced equipment we aim to provide high qualtiy photo and video services.

We help make your night an unfogettable moment by capturing it through our lenses. You can also be a star with SamirStudios as we provide photo and video services to direct a clip that you can demenostrate on your wedding night and cherish for as long as possible.


Video and Photo Production:

- Wedding

- Video Clips

- Conferences

- Short Movies

- Interviews

- Reports



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Samir Studios
Saida - Lebanon
Tel: +961 7 722904
Mobile: +961 3 867 599